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Aerial photograph
Aerial photographAerial photograph
The Southernmost Town In The Chita Peninsula,
Aichi Prefecture, With A Scenic Beauty And Good Harbors.
Map (Aichi Prefecture)
Minamichita Statistical Facts
Location Lat.3442'44;N.
0 to 128 meters above sea leavel
15Km from East to West.
12.1Km from North to South.
Population 22,347(Apr.2005)
Number of Households 6,988(Apr.2005)
Average Yearly Temperature 15
Yearly Precipitation 1,400mm
Minamichita Town
is located in the south of the Chita Peninsula and also includes two islands, Shinojima and Himakajima.
It is understood that people have been living in this district from time immemorial, since 8 000 year old ruins were discovered here.
Fishery and agriculture have long been prosperous, and the shipping industry was also prosperous because this district was located at an important place for transportation in the Edo period (1603 -1868).
The view from Hazu-Misaki
Airplane Looking toward the 21st century
Minamichita Town has expectations for the Chubu International Airport opening on17th February 2005 and wishes for the further prosperity of the town.
Industry - Agriculture, Fishery and Tourism
Minamichita's agriculuture is developing because the town is in the suburbs of the great city of Nagoya, which consumes a great many agricultural products. In addition, fishery is developing as the area providing fresh fish.
Minamichita Town is the top fishery town in Aichi Prefecture.
Almost all the areas of the town are designated to Mikawawan National Park and Prefectural Natural Park. by making the most of these natural resources, Minamichita Town is developing as a recreational area.
Hot spring Hot Spring
"Shirasuna-no-yu" located in Utsumi was opened in 1989 after natural hot springs were found 1500m deep. The baths are approximately 44@and contain alkaline sodium. The water is said to be good for healing cuts, burns, skin diseases, gynecological diseases, as well as neuralgia, poor circulations and reducing fatigue.
Strawberry Picking
Strawberry picking has become very popular as equal to orange picking. Spring flavor will fill your mouth by a bite of strawberries that have been carefully grown in green houses. It is available at the Minamichita Green Valley from early December through late May.
Strawberry hunting
beautiful white sandy beaches Sea Bathing
Utsumi is the only beach in Tokai region with a beautiful white sandy beach. Yamami is represented by a simblic tower of dolphins.
Shinojima and Himakajima are quiet isolated islands with beautiful beaches.
Sea Fishing
Throughout the four seasons, you can fish for numerous varieties of fish in the seas of the Minamichita region.
The mandarin orange from Minamichita Orange Picking
There are farms where you can pick oranges from the branch by yourself and eat them on the spot from October to November in Utsumi.
Seashell Gathering
From March to June you can gather seashells in shores along the Mikawa Bay.
Seashell digging
Tai Matsuri ( Sea Bream Festival)
This festival is held at Toyohama in the middle of July, and is very unique because many young men carry large creatures which are about 18 meters long and 4.5meters high and whose figures are red or black sea breams.
This festival is held at Morozaki at the end of January. Many young men, praying for a good catch of fish, swing big burmimg flags which are made of paper.
Sagityou Festival
hazu-miasaki Observatory at Hazu Promontory
It is located at the southern end of the Chita Peninsula.
You can look over the islands on Mikawa Bay and Ise Bay.
Japanese Homestay in Minamichita
Would you like homestay with Japanese family?
Minamichita provides an overnight family homestay program to all foreign residents in Aichi and all over the world. It is a nice opportunity to experience a Japanese family life. So why not come and join the family?
International exchange
Town Tree Ubamegashi Town tree "Ubamegashi"
Ubamegashi is a evergreen tree, a member of the beech family.
It is so abundant throughout the Hazu Promontary.
Town flower "Daffodil"
It is a perennial plant, a member of the cluster amaryllis family.
This flower blooms and gives out fragrance from December to March.
Town flower Daffodil
Konowata Delicacy "Konowata"
It is sea cucumber's intestines pickled with salt, one of the three delicacies of Japan.
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